View from West Spring St


Waterworks circa 1900 or earlier


Waterworks circa 1900


Town Picnic 2006

View of Tashmoo circa 1900


View from the Overlook 2004


The Amphitheater




  • •


    The Center of the Park

    • •The Waterworks Building can and should be the centerpiece of one of the great public spaces on the Vineyard.
    • •At Tashmoo, we have all the assets of a beautiful park; scenic vistas, historical sites and popular activities. However…
    • •To function well, it needs a center; a place for picnics and events, a shelter for park users, and a source of income for maintenance and operations.




Waterworks Building Fall of 2004



Interior Conditions 2005






West Elevation Fall of 2004

Waterworks Building and Intake Shed  

Waterworks and intake shed, postcard dated 1906

Waterworks with intake shed converted to a pavilion 


Tashmoo Lake Park


Open Space network


                 Summary of Proposals
  • •Renovate the building to provide facilities for the park. Include bathrooms and a prep kitchen for park users and events.
  • •Include space in the building for a compatible organization.
  • •Create a small museum showing the history of the site, the waterworks and the structure.  
  • •Create a small pavilion adjacent to the building (based on the old intake shed) to be used for picnics, weddings and events.
  • •Lease space for weekend parking at the new Dukes County Bank to be used by amphitheater patrons, wedding parties and other large groups. 
  • •Improve the canoe and kayak Landing at the south end of Tashmoo Lake
  • •Link the overlook, park trails, and bikeways to an Open-Space Network connecting the building, the lake, the town and the countryside. 
  • •Generate income for maintenance and repairs by leasing space within the building and by booking weddings and events on the grounds. 






Next Steps


  • •Do a structural survey of the buildings 

  • •Do Existing Condition drawings

  • •Apply for National Register status

  • •Research funding options

  • •Develop a program for the building (space and use requirements)

  • •Develop schematic design plans

  • •Develop long-range financing and maintenance plans.